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Touch VPN  

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Friends, have you heard anything about VPN? This is such protection of your confidential information when using the Internet. It can be used on Windows, Google chrome, IOS, Android and it is very convenient. If your country has sites that you cannot access because of blocking, then using a VPN you can visit them and find out any news from other countries. If you want to go to another country and don’t want other people to know exactly where you are, this program will help you a lot and will encrypt your IP address and no one will be able to find you. Try this handy app. It helps me a lot.

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Barry G Christof
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Yes, pretty much everyone I know (mostly foreigners) in Taiwan uses a VPN.

With the whole China situation at the moment you have to be crazy not to use one.

There's a lot to choose from, I personally use AVG which is also my anti-virus.

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If you don’t want the Chinese government tracking your disparaging statements and whereabouts then get a VPN!

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