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Roots Dry Screw Vacuum Pump System manufacturers  

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Our History
ZIBO VACUUM EQUIPMENT PLANT CO,.LTD,In 1959, foundation Boshan vacuum pump plant,Become one of the founding enterprises of China's vacuum industry. In 1984,Extension, Renamed Zibo vacuum equipment plant co.,ltd. In 1994, the new (Xishan) plant area was built to expand production. In 1998 the company established a joint venture with Germany’s SIEMENS company. In 2000, company realized the shareholding system and expanded international business. In 2019, we will relocate as a whole, improve service level and expand service scope.
Founded 60 years ago, through independent development, international cooperation and national support, the company has been growing steadily, with vacuum and gas engineering as the leading factor, providing liquid ring vacuum pumps and units, reciprocating vacuum pumps, Roots vacuum pumps, rotary vane vacuum pumps, vacuum dryers, complete sets of projects, etc. Applied in chemical, petroleum, paper, fertilizer, light industry and other fields of basic industry, serving China and Global Partners.
Computer aided design, simulation, test and verification are all used in the design process. All production and service processes are managed by computer (ERP). Equipment includes 80 sets of NC processing equipment, 20 sets of welding equipment, three-dimensional testing, dynamic and static balancing equipment, to meet the needs of product provision and service.
Products are available in all provinces and municipalities in China. Expansion of services to provide the United States, Germany, Australia, Korea, Japan, Tunisia, France, Russia, South Africa, India, the Philippines, Indonesia and other international and regional. Engineering companies, agents and direct users in various international regions are involved. Coverage products cover all products of the company.
The company establishes technical team, accepts customer's request, understands customer's potential request, provides scheme and improvement scheme for customer. In accordance with the quality management system, the implementation and acceptance of customer on-site supervision and inspection in the service process. Provide technical guidance for installation and start-up process; Provide long-term service.
Roots Dry Screw Vacuum Pump System manufacturers
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