Full-time English Editor at LiveABC Interactive English Magazine (June 2019)  

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Full-time English Editor at LiveABC Interactive English Magazine
Job Descriptions:
1. Research and write books’ content (articles, dialogues, example sentences, exercises, extra teaching info, etc.)
2. write monthly test questions
3. proofread
4. help record and edit books/magazine content
5. help other books/magazines proofread their articles
Applicant should be:
• a native speaker of English
• a college or university graduate with at least a bachelor’s degree
• thoroughly knowledgeable of English grammar and usage
• able to write in an engaging manner
• knowledgeable of AP style
• flexible, eager to learn new skills and able work under deadline
• able to identify news and feature stories that are relevant and interesting to a local audience
**Ability to speak Chinese is a plus**

Our ideal candidate is organized, detail-oriented and a team-player. He/she should have a minimum of two years of editing experience.
We offer a competitive salary and a pleasant work environment.
To apply, please send your cover letter and resume to kelly_wu@liveabc.com
Job type: Full time
Location: TAIPEI, LiveABC office
Salary: 55k-62K (depending on experiences)
Mon-Fri: 9.00-18.00

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Im wondering if this is a position that has a at home/part time option? 


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