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Taiwanese girls' attitude towards romance  

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What is the general attitude that Taiwanese girls have towards romance?

Since I got to Taiwan a couple of months ago I was pretty active in the dating scene. I ended up meeting this one girl from Tinder that I particularly liked and we've been seeing each other exclusively for about a month now. I don't have any problem with her except that she's too demanding when it comes to "expressing" our relationship together.

She insists on what I consider to be strange things like always holding hands in public, sitting next to each other at restaurants (even though there's adequate space on the other side) and things like wearing watching outfits.

At first I didn't mind that much because we were in the "honeymoon" phase of the relationship. But after a month her demands are becoming more "weird" and every time I speak up and express my thoughts she gets angry and sulks at me the rest of the day.

Other than that though everything about her is great. I don't want to give up on the relationship just because of this one issue. I just want to know if this kind of stuff is typical of relationships in Taiwan?


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This is somewhat typical among Taiwanese girls. I know many foreigners in Taiwan who have also expressed the same feeling towards Taiwanese girls.

Usually it doesn't change though and you're best off adjusting to dating here or finding a girl who's more your style/type.

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This is a common story in Taiwan. Girl's here are most likely more "clingy" than they will be in your home country.

I partly agree with jennywu but I also think that you should just get used to the dating life in Taiwan if you want to have longevity in the whole "Taiwanese dating scene."

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