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3 Teaching Jobs in Tainan, 1 in Kaohsiung (April 2019)  

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ESL jobs available ASAP in Kaohsiung & Tainan, Taiwan 
Check them out below-->
Native English speakers required.
Non-experienced applicants are also welcome.

a. ASAP (Tainan)
Location: Yongkang Dist, Tainan city
Full time monthly salary arrangement:
Work hours:
Monday to Friday ONLY.
Classes would be scheduled between 14:00pm to 21:30pm. (These would include teaching hours and some preparation period for lesson plans.)
Guaranteed teaching hours provided: 21 teaching hours a week.
Pay: NT$52,000 Per month + NT$1,000 as the perfect attendance bonus monthly.
20~22 teaching hours a week (Based on your teaching experience)
Any additional teaching hours more than the guaranteed teaching hours would also be paid.
Work permit, Health insurance & ARC provided~
Start ASAP

b. ASAP (Tainan)
School Type: ESL language school
School Location: ShanHua District, Tainan city. (It’s about 12 minutes on foot from ShanHua train station.)
Students age: 6~15 years old
Materials: provided by the school
Non-Experienced applicants are also welcome to apply.
Work hours:
Monday to Friday ONLY.
Afternoon to evening teaching.
"Working hours would be from 14:00~21:00. (Teaching hours would be scheduled between 14:30 to 21:00) ; 
Breaks are in between classes."
80 teaching hours a month. (The school can offer more teaching hours.)
Pay: NT$48,000 as the month salary + NT$2,000 per month as a perfect attendance bonus
NT$550 for any Additional teaching hours more than 80 teaching hours per month.
Insurance: partly provided by the school
Work Permit: Provided by the school
When Required: ASAP

c. Kaohsiung (Starting in late June of 2019)
Location: FongShan Dist, Kaohsiung city

JE school, WuChia branch
Age group: 6~14 years old.
Teaching materials provided
Pay: NT$600 per hour
Starting: Late June of 2019
Teaching table:
Monday & Tuesday: 18:00~21:00
Wednesday: 17:00~21:00
Thursday: 18:00~21:00
Friday: 17:00~21:00

At least 16 teaching hours a week.
*No long office hours required. Be at the school 30 minutes earlier before the first class starts for the day.
Work permit/Health Insurance/ARC provided.

d. ASAP (Tainan)
JE school, SinHua branch
Location: Sinhua Dist, Tainan city
JE school, Sinhua branch
Age group: 6~16 years old.
Class size: 10 students
Teaching materials provided
Pay: NT$650~NT$700 per hour
Starting: ASAP

Teaching table:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday. (No Wednesday.)
4 days a week during weekdays. 4 hours teaching a day. 16 teaching hours a week.
15:30~16:50 (Classes preparation)
16:50~21:00 (Teaching hours)
Work permit/Health Insurance/ARC provided.

(1)Native English speaker
(2)Qualification: A complete BA degree or a College Diploma with a TEFL/TESOL/CELTA

Please email resume/CV to elcotaiwan@gmail.com

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