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Our Happy Marian Branch in Banqiao is looking for teachers for the upcoming semester.

We are looking for presentable teachers who are from The States, Canada, South Africa, Australia, or England.

We required teachers to have at least 2 years’ experience teaching both kindergarten and elementary students. Teachers holding Bachelors and/or TESOL certificates are preferred.

We can provide you with an ARC and NHI (health insurance). Our teachers usually stay with us for 3 to 4 years. We can pay $600 or more per hour, depending on your experience. There are 32 hours per week. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to hire those holding a student visa.

If you’re interested in a position with us, please email your resume/CV to If we contact you, we’ll ask you to come in to do a short writing demo for elementary students. Please send any other questions to the email provided as we don’t check the messages.
Thank you.

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