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English Teacher Wanted - New Taipei (May 2020)  

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We have a good and happy school, a Cram school education unit, for nice and happy teacher.
* teaching children from 3-12 years old.
*$650-700NT per hour
*Full-time teacher
*about 14 to 22 hours teaching per week,10 hours in the morning or afternoon .
*Class time in the morning, afternoons or evenings,it is flexible.
*native speaker teacher needed.teacher must be from UK , South Africa,USA
,New Zealand or Australia.
*Our school wetside: www.emillleschool.com
*Adress: 45 Yongfeng Street,
Banqiao District, New Taipei City .
*MRT: near Xinpu MRT Station.
*Public Bicycle System:
From Xinpu MRT Station,
Exit 2, Riding free YouBike
to our school about 5 minutes
* teacher's guide for textbooks provided , you don't worry about how to teach, just follow teacherbook
*curriculum: joy with children,whenever you love them they give you a happy and love smile very much.
*friendly environment and professional setting
*We apply for workpermit for teacher and ARC, labor and health insurance provided

Banqiao district ,Taipei,
Banqiao district , New Taipei City
*Please email resume and photo :

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