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Taoyuan City Public School - native teachers for 2019 Aug 1st to 2020 Jul 31st.  

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Taoyuan City Public School's Foreign Teacher Program is looking for licensed native teachers for 2019 Aug 1st to 2020 Jul 31st.

Basic Requirements of the Program:
1. Bachelor degree+ or above / a NFQ Lv. 7+ diploma
2. Native speaker from the USA, the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa (or ones who own a passport from one of those countries)
3. Government issued teaching license
U.S. - professional/provisional/substitute teaching license
Canada - registered teacher in any province 
U.K. - QTS with induction passed
Ireland - registered with the Teaching Council
Australia - registered teacher in any state
New Zealand - registered with Education Council
South Africa - SACE

Contract Time: Aug 1st, 2019 ~ Jul. 31st, 2020 
* Working hours: 8 am to 4 pm, Monday to Friday. 
* Max Teaching Periods Per Week: 24 for primary, 22 for junior high
* Location: Taoyuan City, Taiwan

The salary detail is as follows:
1. Base Salary: 
Bachelor Degree: US$ 2,050/month
Master Degree: US$ 2,280/month
Doctoral Degree: US$ 2,380/month
2. Fully Punctuality Bonus: US$ 65/month
3. Housing allowance: US$ 165/month
Spousal allowance: US$ 165/month 
(lmt'd to parents, spouse, and child)
4. Airfare reimbursement: US$ 1,300 max./trip
(arrival and departure) 
5. Year-end performance bonus:
Bachelor Degree: US$ 2,050 max
Master Degree: US$ 2,280 max
Doctoral Degree: US$ 2,380 max

Welfare & Benefits:
1. A total of 10 days of personal leaves 
2. 3 days of sick leaves per semester
3. 1 hr of bank leave per month
4. Complete national health insurance coverage 
(70% employer, 30% employee)
5. Labor insurance (70% employer, 20% employee, 10% government)
6. 2 million NTD Accidental Insurance provided by the school
7. 20,000 NTD Medical Insurance provided by the school

Taiwan is 34% cheaper than the United States. Therefore, to maintain the same lifestyle, if you made US$ 4,000/month, in Taiwan you only have to make US$ 2,640. Not to mention Taiwan offers complete health care to all residents. Our medical expense here is extremely low. A trip to a doctor costs around US$ 6.25~18 and the medication is mostly free. Taiwan is also a food paradise, so you never have to worry about not finding authentic American food here. And guess what, in Taiwan you don't have to tip the waiter, so eating out is so much cheaper than it is in the US, and you definitely don't have to drive 20 min. just to get food.

If you are interested, you are welcome to email us your resume. Please be advised that there might be changes in salary and benefits for the new semester before the new contract is out in June. We'd love to keep in touch with you and we'd like to ask you to consider our program when you make new career choices for the coming August!

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